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Tanning Salon



  • The warmth alone will help with relaxation but their are studies that show stress lowers with more exposure to UV rays.

UV Rays

  • Research shows that being exposed to UV rays, nitric oxide is released which helps lower blood pressure.
  • Vitamin D is very important to the body.  Without it, you're at a higher risk of heart disease and other health risks.
  • When exposed to UV rays, your body then produces serotonin.  It is believed that it helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory and sexual desire/function.  There may be a link between depression and serotonin as well.
  • UV rays help with different skin conditions like acne, psoriasis (UV-B/vitamin D) and eczema.

Stand Up Booths

  • With stand up booths you're tanning for less time compared to lay down booths.
  • Stand ups are cleaner, but don't get me wrong, they can get filthy but less likely because it's easier to maintain.
  • Peace of mind knowing that you're not laying where someone else was!!